A third party would have the advantage of not having

If the moderates of the two existing parties can’t do this, then perhaps we need a third, centrist party to come in and clean up the mess. A third party would have the advantage of not having to contend with extremism in their own party. A third party could start fresh and therefore perhaps get things done quickly and expediently.

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It can be hard to get your hands on any these days. So when they do become available, you need to act fast. Amazon has the Parker Protex Disinfectant Spray Bottle available to go right now. The one closer to my homestay showed that 315/380 seats were full, but the numbers kept fluctuating every minute or so. This was great, I thought, no more wondering if this place is open or not, the number of people there is literally being updated every minute! I gathered my things and made the 12 minute bike ride over there only to find the building to be gated closed and completely empty. I did not understand how the occupancy could have been updated while the building was closed, but alas I went back to the drawing board in search of another option.

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