Although, his emotions were probably coming from a

4th November 2012Quote: „My son is two; he just had his second birthday on October 14th. And when the lights went out in the house, he went (started singing), ‚Happy birthday.’ It was so cute.” Alicia Keys reveals the power outage that hit New York in the wake of superstorm Sandy made her son Egypt think he was celebrating a second second birthday. The R star lost music equipment in the storms and spent five days without power or fresh water..

This may sound strange to some of you, but during this „sheltering at home” time, my family used the stones to create an Ebenezer. Not the Scrooge kind, but the „stone of help” variety. You know, in 1 Samuel chapter 7 when Samuel set a stone in place to commemorate the Israelite’s victory over the Philistines.

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