And I told them that I know that the guys that came

The Patriots have a bad pass defense, but nowhere is it worse than in the slot. Kerley hasn’t blown up yet in his time with the Jets, but he does have a 100 percent catch rate on his 17 targets. For PPR leaguers, this could be a strong Kerley week..

„I wouldn’t use that word,” Luck said. „I’d say they play hard. Like any good defense, any good offense, really any good football team, you want to toe that line of aggression. „We feel badly for Julian and hope that he will have a speedy and complete recovery,” Coach Bill Belichick said in a conference call with reporters Saturday. „But yeah, the team will have to move on and we’ll have to compete in this season without him. It’s unfortunate.

The beauty of a midseason bye: It’s the perfect time to reassess and split the year in half. The week off meant that Washington didn’t have to manufacture a divide between the first and second halves. It was a true opportunity to pause and sever ties.

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