„I’m barely driving,” he says

I called to get my money back and they said I would get a refund because I sent the product back. Two months later I am getting a reminder to pay due to I shut my credit card down and they were not able to keep taking. They told me because I tried again they would not return all the money they keep taking from my account.

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wholesale nfl jerseys He’s no longer making a 30 mile daily commute to his office https://www.nanojerseys.com or taking frequent family trips to Canada or driving to restaurants and theaters with his wife.”I’m barely driving,” he says.When his auto insurer emailed him to say he’d receive a refund for April and May, he said he was expecting about $100 off his annual bill of about $1,800. Instead, he was given a refund of $35.11 or less than 10% of the cost of insurance over two months.”I expected it to be underwhelming, but not that underwhelming,” he says.Other drivers say they are confused by the refunds offered by their insurers. Shauna Dillenbeck of Boise, Idaho, says her insurer, State Farm, told her it had earmarked billions in refunds for customers but she has yet to see a reduction in her monthly $160 insurance bill.”I would like to have seen maybe 50% off,” Dillenbeck says, noting that she’s driving about 10 miles a month compared with 500 miles a month before the pandemic.Take a breath: 5 reasons why you shouldn’t freak out about 20.5M job lossesState Farm says Dillenbeck and other customers will likely see refunds on their June statements. wholesale nfl jerseys

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