Louis Rams in the sixth round

„This is another case where NorthBay saw a need to bring advanced medicine close to home,” said Gary Passama, president and CEO. „This isn’t a program we are developing in isolation. We are working very closely with the county Emergency Medical Services, with other providers and with the first responders who will be bringing these patients to us.

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In this, my Mom was one of the lucky ones.The day before my Mom died, „Here Comes the Sun” played over the loudspeakers and a nurse, joyfully dancing down the hallway bumped into me as I was putting on my PPE. She explained that the song was being played each time a patient is discharged and goes home.On the following day, I knew it would be the last time I saw her sweet face, now contorted in a painful expression. A nurse introduced herself to me on my way in and promised to pop in later.

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There was no scoring until 13:54 of the third period as Pisarevsky scored his second of the game on passes from Kegan Storjohann and Richie Santini. Senior Laker DJ Mazzoni scored the final goal of the game as Chris Timmons and Andrew Schutt assisted. Sophomore goaltender Dylan Niewiemski had 26 saves in the win..

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