Others are raising prices to ration certain items

„I think when the dust settles on Dec. 29th and 30th it will all play out,” Rivers said. „I think with that uncertainty, it does add some emotion, and it adds some intentional appreciation for what could be the last two [games] even though they may not be.

Also not helping keep your grocery bill in check: Panic shopping customers are buying lots of food they don’t need to eat immediately. Some grocery stores are putting limits on purchases to keep from running out of stock completely. Others are raising prices to ration certain items, and some are passing rising costs onto consumers as they face higher costs from their suppliers..

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I think it is always time to invest if you have at least a five year horizon and a reasonable tolerance for risk. These are volatile times and some might argue the markets have gone too far too fast off their lows. Others would argue now is a great time to get in and buy up beaten down good quality stocks that you are prepared to hold for years..

Selon le r ESPN, qui a cit des sources proches de la NFL et du groupe de propri le maximum en vigueur passera de 350 500 millions $. La d prise durant une conf t lundi, vise permettre aux clubs de souffler davantage en cette pand de coronavirus. Un vote cet effet est pr la semaine prochaine..

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