Reading Northern Railroad last fall stopped running

cheap nba Jerseys free shipping Set WeatherJim Thorpe’s passenger train rides are set to resume next week, now that a state law appears to have resolved a tax dispute between the operator and the borough.Reading Northern Railroad last fall stopped running its popular train rides, in protest of the borough’s amusement tax. The railroad said it shouldn’t have to pay the levy because it primarily carries freight, not passengers for amusement.Senate Bill 1188, signed into law July 23 by Gov.Borough officials have not returned requests for comment.In a statement after the law’s signing, Readying Northern owner and CEO Andy Muller said: „From our beginning in the railroad business in 1983 as the Blue Mountain Reading, we have always been committed to our passenger service. That commitment is no less strong today than it was 37 years ago.”Over the past year we have refurbished our equipment and worked on restoring a second steam locomotive.

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