Statue of Captain Cook in Sydney’s Hyde Park

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canada goose factory sale But why should we avoid this conversation? Is it too tedious, too trivial, or is it just too hard? Is Morrison suggesting that the conversation about our record of justice or incarceration or neglect or discrimination is somehow „off the table”? A common argument for maintaining statues of those whose world view we now question, is that we should not judge historical figures by present day standards because they merely represented the values „of their times” is utterly rejected by Rose Redwood. „That an absurd argument because, racism and imperialism were contested by abolitionists and anti imperialists even in prior centuries, and the victims of colonial atrocities surely didn view their oppression in the same way that their oppressors did,” he said. „We need a history of, by, and for the present, rather than blindly perpetuating the outdated ideologies of the past.”June 21 2020 10:30AMStatues of limitation: are the mighty falling?Simon BourkeBut now, the attack on monuments of Captain Cook and Governor Macarthur and the vandalising of the busts of John Howard and Tony Abbott in our own backyard are producing an outcry and accusations of mindless barbarism.Statue of Captain Cook in Sydney’s Hyde Park.”We cannot erase history, nor should we attempt to,” Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore said last week, apparently erasing from her own memory the fact that the history of the first peoples of this country has been systematically erased since the claim of terra nullius (nobody’s land) was made to justify the occupation of the Great Southern Land.Perhaps Ms Moore was one of those many millions of Australian school students who went through their entire education without any real awareness of Aboriginal history or the massacres, abuse and institutional neglect suffered.In any case, dismantling a statue is not erasing history. canada goose factory sale

Canada Goose Online Businesses are starting to weigh up whether they can keep going without the JobKeeper payment, if the subsidy is wound back in September. The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics business survey shows nearly three quarters of businesses accessed government support measures as a result of COVID 19. This included accessing wage subsidies (55 per cent) and other government support measures (38 per cent). Canada Goose Online

cheap Canada Goose These new insights into the attitudes of middle Australians reinforce how critically important it will be that consideration is given to ensuring Australians will, when safe, have the opportunity to get together again to enjoy arts and cultural experiences with their friends, families and broader communities. Just as our musicians and comedians rallied to the cause to lift our nation morale and raise huge sums of money after the summer bushfires, our creative community will be vital in our nation journey out of the COVID 19 pandemic.May 21 2020 4:30AMArts and culture are vital as we recover, says Australia Kate FieldingThe National Multicultural Festival parade along London Cct. Picture: Elesa KurtzJust three months ago, our world was a very different place, unrecognisable from today.In February, still in the grip of a devastating drought and counting the costs of a cataclysmic bushfire season, Australians sought solace, as we always have, in the things that help us get through the challenges that life throws at us: an evening out at the movies, going to a live concert or theatre performance, catching up with friends at a local cultural festival or taking some time out to read.At that moment, just before our lives were turned upside down through the declaration of a global pandemic, Canberra based independent think tank A New Approach (ANA) brought together groups of what we describe as „middle Australians” for conversations about the role that arts and culture plays in their own lives and that of their families.These middle Australians are middle aged, middle income, „swinging voters” from suburbia and regional Australia cheap Canada Goose.

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