Tasneem Akolawala is a Senior Reporter for Gadgets

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We wanted a team that people in this community could be proud of. We did not want to be a doormat for anyone. We wanted to be really competitive and get those surplus draft picks,” explained Golden Knights President of Hockey Operations George McPhee.

Audited Financial Results For The Quarter And Financial Year Ended 31St March 2018 And Outcome Of The Board Meeting Held On 24Th May 2018. Approved the Audited Financial Results for the quarter and financial year ended 31st March 2018. 2. Tasneem Akolawala is a Senior Reporter for Gadgets 360. Her reporting expertise encompasses smartphones, wearables, apps, social media, and the overall tech industry. She reports out of Mumbai, and also writes about the ups and downs in the Indian telecom sector.

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