There have been no updates on what Mike O’Shea’s

Outside of the NFL action, the last few weeks have been quiet in Bomberland. There have been no updates on what Mike O’Shea’s coaching staff will look like this upcoming season. Offensive coordinator Paul LaPolice is now the head coach for the Ottawa Redblacks and Richie Hall’s status for next year is currently unknown.

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ELVING: He has a tough answer to give on the Mike Pence question in particular, as all Republicans do. It is completely expected that the vice president will be utterly loyal no matter what his private thoughts may be. And certainly, Mike Pence has upheld that, most recently yesterday by coming out and casting yet another tie breaking vote in the Senate to kill a rule that would’ve restrained Wall Street a little bit, a rule that came out of the 2008 mortgage crisis something that would have protected the rights in court of people who had beefs with their financial institutions.

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